MSTA Outstanding Science Student Certificates

Are you looking for a way to recognize the achievement of outstanding science students within your school? The MSTA is offering (to current members of MSTA) some very nice certificates to present to your outstanding science students within your individual school building. Click here to view a sample. Please use the following guidelines when requesting your certificates:

  • General Criteria:
    • Teachers and administrators should consider the following characteristics of students as they select award recipient in each of the specific grade level categories.
    • Each individual school is eligible for two certificates per year.
    • Please select students who are currently in the highest grade within your building.
    • The MSTA also encourages the selection of both a male and female student but circumstances at a particular school may not permit that selection.
  • Elementary
    • Student has shown intensive interest in science during the elementary grades.
    • Interest is evidenced by science projects, participation in science fairs or enrichment activities, curiosity about science related things.
    • Shows outstanding achievement in school related science class work.
  • Middle Level/Junior High
    • Student shows interest in science activities in and out of school.
    • Shows outstanding achievement in group or individual science related activities.
    • Has participated in science fairs, clubs, or other science oriented projects.
  • High School
    • Student has excelled in at least three years of science classes.
    • Shows leadership in science related activities.
    • Student has initiated individual science projects or demonstrates interest in going beyond the regular classroom activities and assignments.

Please e-mail the information below to Sue Campbell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Student to be recognized
  • School
  • School year awarded
  • Teacher/Administrator Contact Name
  • Teacher/Administrator Contact Phone
  • Teacher/Administrator Contact Email
  • Mailing Address to send the completed Certificate