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The Newsletter includes many different types of articles of interest to MSTA members. Sometimes it's helpful to take a look at the past few publications to get an idea for style and content. You can view the publication archive here.

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Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Winter 2024 - Articles Due January 22
  • Spring 2024 - Articles Due April 12


Some ideas for articles:

  • Classroom tested activities: These articles are especially helpful if you can show how the activity addresses one or more of the new Michigan Science Standards, Science and Engineering Practices and/or Crosscutting Concepts.  See the latest version of the Michigan Science Standards at here.
  • Reflections on professional development activities Have you attended a conference or workshop or participated in a transformative professional learning community? Share your experience! Articles should include who presented, what you learned, and how it has influenced your classroom teaching.
  • Professional development opportunities: We are happy to include articles that describe professional development opportunities offered at no cost to participants.  If participation in the professional development is fee-based, then MSTA charges an advertising fee for including it in the newsletter.
  • Blog style articles: These short articles share your experiences, challenges, and successes.  Some possible topics include: How you and your colleagues are beginning to implement the new Michigan Science Standards.  Challenges that teachers, schools, or students face in addressing the new standards.  A new technology, resource, or strategy that are you implementing in your classroom.  Your take on policy issues that affect science teachers or science education.
  • Review of a book or resource: Share a book or a resource that you think would benefit other science teachers. 


  • Although we consider articles of any length, 400 – 500 words is optimal.
  • Include a specific title that describes the main idea of your article.
  • Break longer articles into chunks using descriptive headings to separate them.
  • Pictures and images make your article more eye-catching and engaging.  Be sure that you (or your school administration) have a photo release for any pictures that include students.
  • Be sure to cite any sources you used in preparation of your article in either MLA or APA format.  It is also important to give credit to the original author(s) for any lessons or activities that you modify and share. If you are not sure who the original author is, you may note that the activity is “adapted from an unknown source.”
  • Use a conversational tone and avoid jargon. 

Submission & Publication:

Submit an Article

You will receive a confirmation email within a few days indicating that we have received your article and the tentative timeline for the production of the publication. Your article will be edited and included in the next issue unless you hear otherwise. If an article requires substantial revisions, does not fit the guidelines, or is deemed unsuitable for the publication it will be returned to you with feedback. You may revise and resubmit it for the next issue.

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